Substitutes Of The Imported Filter Elements

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In the past few years, our company has carried on the domestic production of the leakage core of the imported hydraulic equipment for some manufacturers, the filter element is made of imported temperature material, the performance index of the leakage core reaches the level of the foreign similar drop core, which can completely replace the imported leakage core.

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In the past few years, our company has carried on the domestic production of the leakage core of the imported hydraulic equipment for some manufacturers, the filter element is made of imported temperature material, the performance index of the leakage core reaches the level of the foreign similar drop core, which can completely replace the imported leakage core.

Model specification


Ordering instructions

HYDAC Drops of core Our company corresponds to the temperature core type
0060R*BN/HC XY0060R*BN/HC
0060RWHC XY0060R*W/HC
0060R*BN XY0060R*BN
0060R*P XY0060R*P
0060R*W XY0060R*W
0060R*V XY0060R*V
0110R*BN/HC XY0110R*BN/HC
0110RWHC XY0110R*W/HC
0110R*BN XY0110R*BN
0110R*P XY0110R*P
0110R*W XY0110R*W
0110R*V XY0110R*V
0160R*BN/HC XY0160R*BN/HC
0160RWHC XY0160R*W/HC
0160R*BN XY0160R*BN
0160R*P XY0160R*P
0160R*W XY0160R*W
0160R*V XY0160R*V
0240R*BN/HC XY0240R*BN/HC
0240R*W/HC XY0240R*W/HC
0240R*BN XY0240R*BN
0240R*P XY0240R*P
0240R*W XY0240R*W
0240R*V XY0240R*V
0330R*BN/HC XY033 OR* BN/HC
HYDAC Drops of core Our company corresponds to the temperature core type
0950R*BN/HC XY0950R*BN/HC
0950R*W/HC XY0950R*W/HC
095 OR* BN XY0950R*BN
095OR*P XY0950R*P
095OR*W XY0950R*W
095OR*V XY0950R*V
1300R*BN/HC XY1300R*BN/HC
2600R*BN/HC XY2600R*BN/HC
1300R*W/HC XY1300R*W/HC
2600R*W/HC XY2600R*W/HC
1300R*BN XY1300R*BN
1300R*P XY1300R*P
1300R*W XY1300R*W
1300R*V XY1300R*V
0060D*BH/HC XY0060D*BH/HC
0060D*BN/HC XY0060D*BN/HC
0060D*BH XY0060D*BH
0060D*BN XY0060D*BN
0060D*P XY0060D*P
0060D*W XY0060D*W
0060D*V XY0060D*V
0110D*BH/HC XY0110D*BH/HC
0110D*BN/HC XY0110D*BN/HC
0110D*BH XY0110D*BH
0110D*BN XY0110D*BN
0110D*P XY0110D*P
0110D*W XY0110D*W
HYDAC Drops of core model The company corresponds to the drop core
0330D*BN/HC XY0330D*BN/HC
0330D*BH XY0330D*BH
0330D*BN XY0330D*BN
0330D*P XY0330D*P
CB30D*W XY0330D*W
0330D*V XY0330D*V


0500D*BH/HC XY0500D*BN/HC
0500D*BN/HC XY0500D*BH
0500D*BH XY0500D*BN
0500D*BN XY0500D*P
0500D*P XY0500D*W
0500D*W XY0500D*V
0500D*V XY0660D*BH/HC
0660D*BH/HC XY0660D*BN/HC
0660D*BN/HC XY0660D*BH
0660D*BH XY0660D*BN
0660D*BN XY0660D*P
0660D*P XY0660D*V
0660D*W XYSFE15
0660D*V XYSFE25


HYDAC Simple core model

The company corresponds to the temperature core model

PALUgCore models of our company Corresponding leakage core model

PALLDropping core models of our company Corresponding leakage core model

PALUg Core models of our company  The corresponding temperature core model
0330R*W/HC XY0330R*W/HC HC9800FDS8Z XY9800FD12-8Z HC9600FDS8H XY9600FD12-8H HC9650FDS8H XY9650FD12-8H
0330R*BN XY0330R*BN HC9800FDT8H XY9800FD25-8H HC9600FDS8Z XY9600FD12-8Z HC9650FDS8Z XY9650FD12-8Z
0330R*P XY0330R*P HC9800FDT8Z XY9800FD25-8Z HC9600FDT8H XY9600FD25-8H HC9650FDT8H XY9650FD25-8H
0330R*W XY0330R*W HC9800FXP8H XY9800FX03-8H HC9600FDT8Z XY9600FD25-8Z HC9650FDT8Z XY9650FD25-8Z
0330RW XY0330RW HC9800FXP8Z XY9800FX03-8Z HC9600FDT13H XY9600FD25-13H HC9650FXP8H XY9650FX03-8H
0500R*BN/HC XY0500R*BN/HC HC9651FUT16Z XY9651FU25-16Z HC9600FDT13Z XY9600FD25-13Z HC9650FXP8Z XY9650FX03-8Z
0500R*W/HC XY0500R*W/HC HC9651FUT16H XY9651FU25-16H HC9600FXP13H XY9600FX03-13H HC9651FUP8H XY9651FU03-8H
0500R*BN XY0500R*BN HC9651FUP16Z XY9651FU02-16Z HC9600FXP13Z XY9600FX03-13Z HC9600FDP13H XY9600FD03-13H
0500R*P XY0500R*P HC8300FDP8H XY8300FD03-8H HC9601FUP13H XY9601FU03-13H HC9601FUT8Z XY9601FU25-8Z
0500R*W XY0500R*W HC8300FDP8Z XY8300FD03-8Z HC9601FUP13Z XY9601FU03-13Z HC9601FUT8H XY9601FU25-8H
0500R*V XY0500R*V HC8300FDN8H XY8300FD06-8H HC9601FUT13H XY9601FU25-13H HC9601FUP8Z XY9601FU03-8Z
0660R*BN/HC XY0660R*BN/HC HC8300FDN8Z XY8300FD06-8Z HC9601FUT13Z XY9601FU25-13Z HC9601FUP8H XY9601FU03-8H
0660R*W/HC XY0660R*W/HC HC8300FDS8H XY8300FD12-8H HC9600FDP16H XY9600FD03-16H HC9600FXP8Z XY9600FX03-8Z
0660R*BN XY0660R*BN HC8300FDS8Z XY8300FD12-8Z HC9600FDP16Z XY9600FD03-16Z HC9600FXP8H XY9600FX03-8H
0660R*P XY0660R*P HC8300FDT8H XY8300FD25-8H HC9600FDN16H XY9600FD06-16H HC9651FUP8Z XY9651FU03-8Z
0660R*W XY0660R*W HC8300FDT8Z XY8300FD25-8Z HC9600FDN16Z XY9600FD06-16Z HC9651FUT8H XY9651FU25-8H
0660R*V XY0660R*V HC8300FXP8H XY8300FX03-8H HC9600FDS16H XY9600FD12-16H HC9651FUT8Z XY9651FU25-8Z
0850R*BN/HC XY0850R*BN/HC HC8300FXP8Z XY8300FX03-8Z HC9600FDS16Z XY9600FD12-16Z HC9650FDP16H XY9650FD03-16H
0850R*W/HC XY0850R*W/HC HC8300FXN8H XY8300FX06-8H HC9600FDT16H XY9600FD25-16H HC9650FDP16Z XY9650FD03-16Z
0850R*BN XY0850R*BN HC8300FXN8Z XY8300FX06-8Z HC9600FDT16Z XY9600FD25-16Z HC9650FDN16H XY9650FD06-16H
0850R*P XY0850R*P HC8300FDP16H XY8300FD03-16H HC9600FXP16H XY9600FX03-16H HC9650FDN16Z XY9650FD06-16Z
0850R*W XY0850R*W HC8300FDP16Z XY8300FD03-16Z HC9600FXP16Z XY9600FX03-16Z HC9650FDS16H XY9650FD12-16H
0850RW XY0850R*V HC8300FDN16H XY8300FD06-16H HC9601FUP16H XY9601FU03-16H HC9650FDS16Z XY9650FD12-16Z
0110D*V XY0110D*V HC8300FDN16Z XY8300FD06-16Z HC9601FUP16Z XY9601FU03-16Z HC9650FDT16H XY9650FD25-16H
0160D*BH/HC XY0160D*BH/HC HC8300FDS16H XY8300FD12-16H HC9601FUT16H XY9601FU25-16H HC9650FDT16Z XY9650FD25-16Z
0160D*BN/HC XY0160D*BN/HC HC8300FDS16Z XY8300FD12-16Z HC9601FUT16Z XY9601FU25-16Z HC9650FXP16H XY9650FX03-16H
0160D*BH XY0160D*BH HC8300FDT16H XY8300FD25-16H HC9020FDP4H XY9020FD03-4H HC9650FXP16Z XY9650FX03-16Z
0160D BN XY0160D*BN HC8300FDT16Z XY8300FD25-16Z HC9020FDP4Z XY9020FD03-4Z HC9651FUP16H XY9651FU03-16H
0160D*P XY0160D*P HC8300FXP16H XY8300FX03-16H HC9020FDN4H XY9020FD06-4H HC9651FUP16Z XY9651FU03-16Z
0160D*W XY0160D*W HC8300FXP16Z XY8300FX03-16Z HC9020FDN4Z XY9020FD06-4Z HC9651FUT16H XY9651FU25-16H
0160D*V XY0160D*V HC8300FXN16H XY8300FX06-16H HC9020FDS4H XY9020FD12-4H HC9651FUT16Z XY9651FU25-16Z
0240D*BH/HC XY0240D*BH/HC HC8300FXN16Z XY8300FX06-16Z HC9020FDS4Z XY9020FD12-4Z HC9020FDT4Z XY9020FD25-4Z
0240D*BN/HC XY0240D*BN/HC HC8300FDP39H XY8300FD03-39H HC9020FDT4H XY9020FD25-4H HC9021FUP4H XY9021FU03-4H
0240D*BH XY0240D*BH HC8300FDP39Z XY8300FD03-39Z HC9020FDT8Z XY9020FD25-8Z HC9021FUP4Z XY9021FU03-4Z
0240D*BN XY0240D*BN HC8300FDN39H XY8300FD06-39H HC9021FUP8H XY9021FU03-8H HC9021FUT4H XY9021FU25-4H
0240D*P XY0240D*P HC8300FDN39Z XY8300FD06-39Z HC9021FUP8Z XY9021FU03-8Z HC9021FUT4Z XY9021FU25-4Z
0240D*W XY0240D*W HC8300FDS39H XY8300FD12-39H HC9021FUT8H XY9021FU25-8H HC9020FDP8H XY9020FD03-8H
0240DW XY0240D*V HC8300FDS39Z XY8300FD12-39Z HC9021FUT8Z XY9021FU25-8Z HC9020FDP8Z XY9020FD03-8Z
0280D*BH/HC XY0280D*BH/HC HC8300FDT39H XY8300FD25-39H HC9400FDP13H XY9400FD03-13H HC9020FDN8H XY9020FD06-8H
0280D*BN/HC XY0280D*BN/HC HC8300FDT39Z XY8300FD25-39Z HC9400FDP13Z XY9400FD03-13Z HC9020FDN8Z XY9020FD06-8Z
0280D*BH XY0280D*BH HC8300FXP39H XY8300FX03-39H HC9400FDN13H XY9400FD06-13H HC9020FDS8H XY9020FD12-8H
0280D*BN XY0280D*BN HC8300FXP39Z XY8300FX03-39Z HC9400FDN13Z XY9400FD06-13Z HC9020FDS8Z XY9020FD12-8Z
0280D*P XY0280D*P HC8300FXN39H XY8300FX06-39H HC9400FDS13H XY9400FD12-13H HC9020FDT8H XY9020FD25-8H
0280D*W XY0280D*W HC8300FXN39Z XY8300FX06-39Z HC9400FDS13Z XY9400FD12-13Z HC9600FDS13Z XY9600FD12-13Z
0280D*V XY0280D*V HC9600FDP4H XY9600FD03-4H HC9400FDT13H XY9400FD25-13H HC9600FDS13H XY9600FD12-13H
0330D*BH/HC XY0330D*BH/HC HC9600FDP4Z XY9600FD03-4Z HC9400FDT13Z XY9400FD25-13Z HC9600FDN13Z XY9600FD06-13Z

PALL Simple core model号

The company corresponds to the temperature core model号 HC9600FDN4H XY9600FD06-4H HC9400FXP13H XY9400FX03-13H HC9600FDN13H XY9600FD06-13H
HC9800FDP4H XY9800FD03-4H HC9600FDN4Z XY9600FD06-4Z HC9400FXP13Z XY9400FX03-13Z HC9600FDP13Z XY9600FD03-13Z
HC9800FDP4Z XY9800FD03-4Z HC9600FDS4H XY9600FD12-4H HC9400FDP26H XY9400FD03-26H    
HC9800FDN4H XY9800FD06-4H HC9600FDS4Z XY9600FD12-4Z HC9400FDP26Z XY9400FD03-26Z    
HC9800FDN4Z XY9800FD06-4Z HC9600FDT4H XY9600FD25-4H HC9400FDN26H XY9400FD06-26H    
HC9800FDS4H XY9800FD12-4H HC9600FDT4Z XY9600FD25-4Z HC9400FDN26Z XY9400FD06-26Z    
HC9800FDS4Z XY9800FD12-4Z HC9600FXP4H XY9600FX03-4H HC9400FDS26H XY9400FD12-26H    
HC9800FDT4H XY9800FD25-4H HC9600FXP4Z XY9600FX03-4Z HC9400FDS26Z XY9400FD12-26Z    
HC9800FDT4Z XY9800FD25-4Z HC9601FUP4H XY9601FU03-4H HC9400FDT26H XY9400FD25-26H    
HC9800FXP4H XY9800FX03-4H HC9601FUP4Z XY9601FU03-4Z HC9400FDT26Z VY9400FD25-26Z    
HC9800FXP4Z XY9800FX03-4Z HC9601FUT4H XY9601FU25-4H HC9400FXP26H XY9400FX03-26H    
HC9800FDP8H XY9800FD03-8H HC9601FUT4Z XY9601FU25-4Z HC9400FXP26Z XY9400FX03-26Z    
HC9800FDP8Z XY9800FD03-8Z HC9600FDP8H XY9600FD03-8H HC9650FDP8H XY9650FD03-8H    
HC9800FDN8H XY9800FD06-8H HC9600FDP8Z XY9600FD03-8Z HC9650FDP8Z XY9650FD03-8Z    
HC9800FDN8Z XY9800FD06-8Z HC9600FDN8H XY9600FD06-8H HC9650FDN8H XY9650FD06-8H    
HC9800FDS8H XY9800FD12-8H HC9600FDN8Z XY9600FD06-8Z HC9650FDN8Z XY9650FD06-8Z    

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