Function of hydraulic accessories

 1.The oil tank in the hydraulic system is used to store the oil needed for normal operation, and it can emit the heat of the oil itself, separate the air dissolved into the oil, and precipitate the impurities contained in the oil. The material structure is generally welded by steel plate. The size of oil tank and specific structure need to be specially designed and manufactured according to the actual requirements of hydraulic system.

2.The oil filter mainly filters impurities and impurities in crude oil to ensure the cleanliness of the oil. According to the diameter of impurity particle size, the precision is generally divided into four grades: coarse, ordinary, fine and special fine. Pay attention to the different hydraulic system, choose the oil filter with proper filtration precision.

3.Accumulator is a device for storing oil pressure energy, which can be used as auxiliary power source or emergency power source; Suction pressure shock and eliminate pressure pulsation.

4.The pressure gauge is used to observe the pressure of each part of the hydraulic system. The range of the pressure gauge is about 1.5 times of the maximum working pressure of the system.

5.Pipe fittings are used to connect hydraulic components and transport hydraulic oil. It requires enough strength, good sealing performance, small pressure loss, and convenient installation and disassembly.

6.Sealing device is one of the most basic and important devices to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system, which is mainly used to prevent liquid leakage. The common sealing devices are clearance seal, sealing ring seal and combined seal.

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Post time: Jun-16-2021